Friday, December 28, 2018

Series Preview: Omaha vs. Alaska Anchorage, Dec. 29 & 31 at Baxter Arena

They're back!

After heading home for the holidays, the Mavericks are back home at Baxter Arena for a pre-New Year's non-conference series with Alaska Anchorage.

The Mavs are 4-10-2 overall and are seventh in the NCHC with a 2-5-1-0/1 conference record. The Seawolves are 2-13-1 overall and 1-10-1 in the WCHA. UAA's second win of the season came in their most recent game, however, as they beat Bemidji State on Dec. 15.  UNO last played Dec. 8, losing 7-1 at St. Cloud State.

UNO and UAA last met in 2016 in the Brice Hockey Classic in Alaska. The Mavs beat the Seawolves 3-1 in that matchup. UNO leads the all-time series 6-2-1 and has won both meetings in Omaha. The Mavs have won the last five games between the schools.

There was no Tuesday Weekly Media Availability due to the Christmas holiday.

Series preview articles:

Preview article from

Preview article from UAA:

Saturday, 7:07 p.m. CT
Monday (New Year's Eve), 12:07 p.m. CT

Radio/TV Coverage:
Both games will be broadcast live on 1180 AM (Zone 2). Dave Ahlers will provide play-by-play and Terry Leahy will give color commentary.

Both games will be streamed on ($).

Live Audio and Stats:
Live Audio: Click here.
Live Stats: Click here.

Also be sure to check out the twelfth episode of the "MavPuckCast with Jason & Jon," 
recorded during the holiday break:

Next up: The UNO Hockey team has a week off before traveling to Denver Jan. 11-12, 2019.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas from MavPuck!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Our gift to you is a new episode of the MavPuckCast — featuring a poem by Jon, read by Jon and Jason. (The poem is below.)

‘Twas the night before hockey, and all through Baxter rink
Not a creature was mooing, not even a Maverick;
Clear plastic stockings were hung by the lockers with care,
In hopes that a victory soon would be theirs;
The players were resting, all snug in their rooms;
Dreaming of scoring and butt-ending goons;

And Jason and I, sitting in front of his Mac,
Had just sat down to record a podcast recap,
When on social media, there arose such a twitter,
We pulled out our phones to see why fans were so bitter.
Away to the app we clicked in a dash,
Scrolled through the timeline. ready to bash,
Dozens of comments, my mind starts to fade,
So many fans are throwing out shade,

When what to my scrolling thumb did click,
But Mike Gabinet and six players with sticks,
With a power play and forecheck so fluid and quick,
I knew in a moment these were our long-lost Mavericks,
More practiced than St. Cloud, his skaters they came,
And whistled, and hollered, and called them by name:
“Now, Mason! Now Freddy! Now Evan! Now Tyler!
On Steven! On Riley! On Teemu and Tristan!”
To the top of the circle! To the offensive zone!
Now skate away! Skate away! Put the puck home!”

As passes are made before the hockey puck flies,
When they get to the blue line and toss aside guys;
So up to the net-front our forwards they flew,
With a line full of scorers and Weninger too.
And then, out on Twitter, I saw in a thread,
The Mav fans all saying “these guys are not dead,”
As I looked to the ice, and was searching for clues,
On the bench Gabs stood saying, “we’re not gonna lose.”
He was dressed in a suit, from his head to his foot,
And his pockets were all filled with kale and turnip root;
A bundle of pucks he had hung on his back,
And he looked like a salesman from the long dormant Stick Shack.

His eyes — how they sparkled! His scowl, so intense!
Removing Dean Blais now made complete and total sense.
Gabs barked out orders like a crafty old pro,
And did everything in his power to make our Mavs go,
A wink of his eye and a nod of his head,
Left fans soon to know there were good things ahead.
The refs skated in and blew on their whistles,
Gabs jumped off the bench like a laser-guided missile.
We heard him exclaim, as he walked off the ice—
“Merry Christmas, Mav fans, we’re still in this fight!”

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Origins of UNO Hockey

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

One of the things that has fascinated me about UNO Hockey over the course of the past 22 years has been the nascent beginnings for the sport at the university in the 1970s. 

Before I go any further, I want to thank the talented team of archivists at the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Criss Library for directing me to digitized yearbooks and providing rare photographs of UNO’s club hockey team during the 1970s. 

I touched on this topic a bit in a 2015 blog titled “The Arena Origin Story (Part 1).”

In that post, I talked about the Omaha Knights minor league team folding in the early 1970s. Fans of the sport were left to wonder if they’d get to watch high-level hockey in Omaha again. 

UNO Athletics was under the direction of Don Leahy at the time. 

The school had fielded a club team since 1972 (research from the Omaha World-Herald archives also uncovered that Omaha University played club hockey during the 1940s).

According to UNO’s 1975 yearbook, a student named Tim Rock decided to organize a club team in January 1972. 

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

The UNO Athletic Department took over some of the costs of fielding a team during that era — providing uniforms and ice time at Ak-Sar-Ben. 

The department’s business manager at the time, Russ Baldwin, said college hockey was a “growing sport” and that professional teams were relying “more and more on college students for talent.”

This image of UNO playing Creighton appeared in the school’s 1975 yearbook:

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

During my research for this article, I began to realize what a terrific opportunity the university had to fill the void left by the departed Knights organization (which played to packed houses at Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum).

A familiar face to UNO Hockey fans took over the fledgling club operation in the 1975-76 season — Duluth, Minnesota native Mike Kemp (who was only 23 at the time). 

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

(Kemp’s current title is “Associate Athletic Director — Events & Facilities” at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Prior to being elevated to an associate athletic director position, he coached the UNO Hockey program from 1996 thru 2009.)

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

Omaha World-Herald reporter Jerry Fricke addressed the state of hockey in Omaha in a column published on April 21, 1976: 

“Coach Kemp, whose club team finished with an 11-14-2 record, has been recruiting and arranging a schedule with the idea that UNO will go varsity. ‘If we don’t go varsity, I won’t be here,’ Kemp said. ‘Most of the games I’ve arranged are with varsity teams, and they won’t play us unless we have a varsity team.’”

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

Further research in the Omaha World-Herald shows that a non-profit group had been set up to help raise money for scholarships for the club players. 

A recent profile of Mike Kemp — written by Ryan Jaeckel for The Gateway on Oct. 30, 2018 — unearths a few more details about Kemp’s season with UNO’s club program in 1975-76. 

According to the article, Kemp had earned a degree in public relations from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1975. He was working in the family business in Duluth when he received a call from his old hockey coach informing him that UNO was “looking for a club hockey coach.”

Kemp told The Gateway that his experience coaching UNO's club team was “interesting.”

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

There were players from a variety of backgrounds, Jaeckel wrote. "A 38-year-old from North Dakota working at Kellogg’s. Another, from Michigan State, was in their mid-30s and worked as a salesman for a major corporation. There were Creighton Prep seniors. Even Kemp’s closest friend, who had just returned from Vietnam, joined in the fun.” 

According to Jaeckel's article, the "friend who had just returned from the Vietnam War" would eventually be involved in starting UNO's Division 1 program in 1996.

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

Kemp referred to that club team, "lovingly," as “the largest collection of human debris ever assembled.”

As I alluded to earlier, there was talk that UNO would move up to the varsity level for hockey in the 1976-77 season. “Kemp began recruiting immediately,” writes Jaeckel, “going as far north as Canada.” 

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

UNO ended its efforts early, citing financial constraints at the time. Kemp left the university shortly thereafter, and the school’s hockey prospects remained largely dormant for another two decades. 

There were other iterations of UNO’s club team between the 1970s era club teams and the NCAA Division I program started in 1996. 

For example, the 1981 flavor of club hockey at UNO was led by a player/coach named Tak Soto — who played on the Japanese Olympic hockey team (according to the March 4, 1981, issue of The Gateway):

Photo credit: UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

When UNO Hockey finally took hold as a varsity sport in May 1996, Bridget and I (both newly-minted graduates of the university) put down our deposit on a pair of seats. I sent her over to Sapp Fieldhouse to wait in line the morning tickets first went on sale. 

The reason I did is because I liked the idea that UNO was doing something interesting as it regarded athletics, and because I thought it would help UNO build its own identity in the lexicon of local sports. 

But I’ve always wondered “what if?”

Had UNO started varsity-level hockey in the 1970s, would it have survived? Would it be a program with dozens of banners and hardware from decades of NCAA tournament appearances and championships? 

We’ll never know, but it is fun to think about. 

Like this blog post? Check out more photos from the UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Road Trip: Hockey in the Cloud and Other Fun Stuff

Hockey trips are the best. 

If you haven’t had the chance to go watch the University of Nebraska at Omaha Hockey program play on the road, you’re missing out. 

There is something enlightening about watching the team play outside the confines of Baxter Arena. It gives you insights on our competition and the facilities those opponents have to offer.

We’ve been on dozens of road trips while following the UNO Hockey program over the past 21 years. The past three seasons we have made the trek to St. Cloud, MN, each year to watch the Mavericks take on the St. Cloud State Huskies.

Why St. Cloud? Well, our 19-year-old niece/goddaughter Lauren is in her second year at St. Cloud State University (she’s not a sophomore...I think she’s a junior...then again, she might already be in graduate school). It’s also a pretty easy drive from Omaha. It has become one of our favorite hockey trip destinations. 

We traveled up on Thursday, Dec. 6 for the weekend series. Per our nascent tradition, we took Lauren to dinner at Granite City. (Doesn't that cake look amazing??)

The temperatures in St. Cloud didn’t get above the low 20s during the duration of our stay. Omaha has had similar temps, but everything just felt colder for some reason. 

Lauren was able to take time off from her job so she could hang out and attend the games on Dec. 7 and 8. We don’t see as much of her since she’s been away at school, so it was nice to be able to enjoy the weekend together. 

We drove down to the Twin Cities on Friday and went to the Mall of America. It wasn’t our first trip and it won’t be our last visit to the hive of retail grandeur. (Anybody else worried about the guy standing directly underneath the giant ornament that probably weighs a couple hundred pounds?)

Lauren enjoys looking at the Hockey Minnesota store when she visits the mall, and she pointed out this “lovely” North Dakota hockey shirt:

I checked out the LEGO Store (because I like LEGOs). I’m never really inclined to spend money on the sets, because they are super pricey. But it’s fun to browse.

We visited the Apple Store (yes, I know we have one in Omaha) because Bridget is still trying to figure out what phone she wants to purchase to replace her 4-year-old iPhone 5S. The current debate is whether or not she needs a “home button,” or if she can adjust to the the world of FaceID. (Comments and advice welcomed!)

We had lunch in one of the mall’s food courts, and got treats at Carlo’s Bake Shop:

We also went to IKEA (which is across the street from the Mall of America). Lauren wanted me to get a picture of her with this lamp that looks sort of like Pixar’s Luxo Jr. 

(She’ll be so upset that I posted a pic of her with a semi-deranged look on her face, but it is the best one I had!)

We decided to head back from Minneapolis to St. Cloud early for the series. It’s a good thing we did, because the traffic on I-494 and I-94 was a ridiculous mess. The good news is that we made it back in time and got to the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center with plenty of time to spare. 

Despite the fact that UNO lost 2-0 in the Friday contest, we had a good time. 

Bridget and our friend Amy posed with their purses — since Baxter Arena has basically outlawed women’s purses at hockey games. It’s nice to know there are places in college hockey where women can still be women, and bring regular purses to games. 

Saturday morning saw us at St. Cloud State’s Newman Center (it was a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church). It was an interesting setup for the Mass, and we dubbed the priest “Saint Cloud Jesus” because of his beard and long locks:

We also went down to look at the Mississippi River (the campus is nestled alongside it) and grabbed this selfie:

I also took this “Christmas card” picture of Lauren. Sadly, my iPhone 6S Plus doesn’t have “portrait mode,” so we couldn’t “blur” the evergreen branches behind her:

Let’s talk about Val’s Rapid-Serv. Some of my fellow hockey fans are going to be mad at me (or already are!) because I was “underwhelmed” by Val’s (don’t @ me). 

But compared to Omaha’s Bronco’s Burgers & Fries, or Stella’s in Bellevue, I wasn’t floored by the experience. 

Don’t get me wrong, the food was good and I loved Val’s local flavor, but I think everyone overhyped the place for me (but I’ll definitely recommend it to any fellow travelers who visit St. Cloud). We decided it might be better in the summer when you can eat in the parking lot or car (there's no dine-in option).

After lunch, we went downtown to rendezvous with our friend Amy. St. Cloud was having a “Winter Festival” and the activities featured free carnival rides. 

Amy had been trying to find someone (anyone) who would be willing to brave the frigid temps and ride what became known as “the purple dragon” — a tilt-a-whirl ride with multi-colored dragon pods. 

We’re hearty souls — so we obliged. Bridget recorded a Facebook Live video of the experience for the MavPuck page:

We also went on the carousel (which seemed to go around forever):

The Capital One Cafe across the street had a setup where you could get free hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Everyone there was super friendly. 

Another one of our friends — Connor — was also along on the trip. He spent the afternoon sampling various craft beer selections at a local brewery. As a result, we don’t have pictures of him enjoying the chilled festivities for the blog, but he was a special guest on our podcast — the “Mavpuckcast with Jason & Jon” — this week

We dropped Lauren off at her apartment after our downtown excursion. On the way to her place, we stopped by WJON radio station so I could get a picture with the sign (since, ya know, my name is Jon). No, I am NOT giving the station "the finger."

By the way, the room we stayed in was the same room we had the last time we were at the hotel in Dec. 2016 — I knew it seemed familiar and we got confirmation during our stay. 

The Saturday tilt against St. Cloud featured a “teddy bear toss.” We found a stuffed husky to toss (at IKEA), Connor found a bear at Target, and Amy chose to toss a dalmatian. We also had a stuffed sloth and a unicorn we found at Five Below. 

(There was a semi-crazy St. Cloud fan who was super impressed that I threw a husky on the ice... and gave me a hug. That's in Bridget's Facebook Live of the Teddy Bear toss...with 1:13 left in the video...)

Sadly, the Mavs lost 7-1, and the Huskies completed the weekend sweep. 

Road trips provide a great opportunity for fans to build camaraderie. I love to reminisce on the fun we’ve had following the UNO Hockey teams over the years. 

While the games serve as the hub on hockey trips, it is all the spokes that make the ride special. 

It was nice to hang out with our niece, and it was also good to spend time with our fellow fans. It’s the sense of community that makes a fan base what it is, and hockey trips are terrific bonding experiences. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

UNO Hockey Press Conference Notes - Dec. 11, 2018

UNO Hockey Coach Mike Gabinet answered media questions as part of the “Omaha Athletics Weekly Media Availability” on Dec. 11, 2018. Players were not a part of this week's video stream. 

Gabinet fielded questions regarding the UNO Hockey team’s series at St. Cloud State on Dec. 7-8, and the upcoming series against Alaska-Anchorage on Dec. 29 and 31 at Baxter Arena. 

NOTE: Early on in this week’s media availability, Coach Gabinet fielded questions about the sudden death of his sister in Canada last week (from a brain aneurysm). Those comments aren’t transcribed in this post. Our sympathies go out to Mike and his family during this difficult time.

If you would like to watch the news conference, you can do so here.


GABINET: “Nobody likes to hear it. Everybody is results-driven. Just to focus on one week at a time and continue to work with our guys. I believe in this group. I believe in the guys we have. Sure, certain guys have to be better. We all have to get better. They’re coming to work everyday. They’re trying to get as good as they can be.”

GABINET: “We just talked beforehand here we’ve had the second-strongest schedule in the country. Fourteen out of our first 16 games are against a team that’s ranked 17th or higher. When you’re playing teams like that every weekend, and you make a mistake... I thought we were playing really well on Saturday... came out against St. Cloud and all of a sudden we make our first mistake of the game and it’s in the back of our net... and then you battle back to tie it. Then boom, they come back.”

GABINET: “I believe in what we’re doing here, and I know nobody’s going to work harder than our guys, and nobody’s going to outwork our staff. You’ve just gotta keep moving forward. You gotta keep grinding.”


GABINET: “That’s the level that is the area of growth for us and our players is just how dialed in you have to be every shift.”

GABINET: “You gotta break it down into smaller segments. If we play like certain times in the game against St. Cloud, we’ll be okay...we’ll be competitive. But it’s those lapses that happen — and then the lack of confidence when something bad happens and not being able to respond to it.”

GABINET: “Whether it’s your first three shifts of the game, or right after a goal, you have to have a certain mindset where you can’t have a mental lapse or not be engaged to 100 percent of your capabilities. Against teams like St. Cloud, they’ll make you pay for it. So that’s something we’re working on still is shortening the segments up so you’re not worried about the game. You’re not worried about the period. You’re working one shift at a time. One habit at a time.”

GABINET: “It can’t just be three good shifts and then one bad shift. And then three good shifts and one bad shift. You gotta get to that consistency where you’re able to play a certain way for 60 minutes.” 


GABINET: “What can you do, right? I mean, it’s out of your hands.”

GABINET: “Trust me. We’ve yelled. We’ve screamed. We’ve been upset — and at the end of the day, it’s about getting better and moving forward.”

GABINET: “As much as you want to reflect on the past — and make excuses or point fingers — it doesn’t do you any good.”

GABINET: “Like I said, I believe in these guys and I know they’re going to put the work in that is necessary. I know our staff is going to do the work that’s necessary. That’s what we’re focused on.” 

GABINET: “It’s demoralizing when that happens to you. You battle back to tie, and ‘boom’ — 30 seconds later they get it.” 

GABINET: “We have to develop that consistency — that mental toughness. At the end of the day, it’s going to serve our program well. Because when you’re playing 14 out of the 16 games against top 17 opponents and you haven’t even got to the hardness of your schedule yet, there’s not room for non-mentally tough people. So, we’ve gotta keep grinding.”


GABINET: “For me, being in college hockey the last four or five years, it’s a second season a little bit because of the extended break over the holidays that you get in college athletics. So it’s really important that we give the guys a chance to go home and refresh, and I think that’s always good for everybody — including the staff.”

GABINET: “I think it’s good for everybody to step away for a little bit and reenergize and come back with a focus and a hunger to keep getting better.”

GABINET: “[Important] to work on their fitness level, and to work on some individual things and the mental side of things, too.” 

GABINET: “It’s a little bit negative term, but ‘What are you doing if you’re not scoring goals?’ So, what part of your game can you bring every game that’s going to contribute? I think that’s a big, big question for our team, and for our players. They need to be able to bring certain things to the table, if it’s not involving goal scoring. If you only think you’re contributing by scoring goals, then it’s going to be a long season. Because there is so much more to the game.”

GABINET: “When you’re playing against these top opponents, sometimes a win is not letting them score. It’s something we’ve challenged our players and our staff to do over the break here.”


GABINET: “For instance, one of the guys — I’ll single him out — is Zach Jordan. He’s been struggling a little bit the last eight games or so. We had a great talk on Friday night. He’s just a great example of a guy that recognizes he’s not playing well, and talks about it.”

GABINET: “A lot of guys at this age will always come up with excuses why it’s somebody else’s fault and ‘Well, if I’m playing with different guys, it’s going to be different’ and things like that.”

GABINET: “The type of kid [Zach Jordan] is he says, ‘Coach, I gotta be better. I gotta be better to help the team out.’ We talk about how to get better and we pick three things that don’t involve goal scoring. Whether that’s hard in the forecheck or hard in the neutral zone, being ready on faceoffs. Some things that don’t involve a lot of confidence to execute at a high level, but are in your control. So he started basic things like that.” 


GABINET: “You can see some of the individual ability on their players that they’ve obviously recruited well for that ice sheet. They know how to use the five-man cycle. They know how to manage the puck. They know how to do all those things out there.” 

GABINET: “I thought at times we were better on Saturday than on Friday. But again, it’s not good enough.” 

GABINET: “Five minutes or seven minutes of good hockey doesn’t last against a top team in the country. You’ve gotta be able to do that consistently for 60 minutes and then you have a chance at success.”


GABINET: “I think you’ve gotta get hungry. That’s the competitive nature that you have to have. If you want to be successful at this level, you gotta be competitive. You gotta want to win.” 

GABINET: “I believe in our guys and we can be good too. We just have to do things that most teams won’t want to do for a chance at success.” 


GABINET: “I think it’s important. Obviously, it’ll be a quick turnaround. I think we play on the 29th. The guys are coming back on the 26th.”

GABINET: “That’s why it’s important that our guys take care of themselves over the break, and come back ready to roll here.”

GABINET: “Very, very important that we recharge in the break, but we’re focused and ready to roll here in the second half — because it’s going to go fast, and it’s going to go quick, and we gotta be ready.” 


GABINET: “I’m one of those guys that loves to work. I think I’ve seen my family — I’ll probably get emotional talking about it — but just not enough. I think I was gone for — I did the math — I saw my kids for like 18 hours over the last two weeks with the recruiting and the travel schedule. It’s crazy.”

GABINET: “Same with our guys here, they’re away. In Omaha, we’re not in a hockey hotbed where there’s a lot of people from an hour or two away, like in some other colleges. We’ve got guys from all over the world here.”

GABINET: “Very, very important that they go and spend time with their family. Those are the people that love you the most, and they know what’s really going on. I’m really excited for guys to get some time at home with their families and enjoy it.” 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Series Preview: Omaha at St. Cloud State, Dec. 7-8, 2018

UNO Hockey faces another tough test this weekend as they travel to Minnesota to face St. Cloud State on Dec. 7-8.

The Mavs are 4-8-2 overall and 2-3-1-1 in the NCHC. The Huskies are at the top of the NCHC standings and are 4-0-2-1 in conference play and 11-1-2 overall.

Coach Gabinet may not be behind the bench for the Mavs this week due to a family emergency, so Coach Jerrard filled in at the Tuesday Weekly Media Availability. 

Saturday night is also the Teddy Bear Toss.

The Mavs received some conference love this week, with two players being named to "Players of the Month" honors: Mason Morelli as Player of the Month and Taylor Ward as Rookie of the Month.

Series preview articles:

Preview article from 

Preview article from SCSU:

Friday, 7 p.m. CT
Saturday, 6 p.m. CT

Radio/TV Coverage:

Radio: Both games will be broadcast live on 1180 AM (Zone 2). Dave Ahlers will provide play-by-play and Terry Leahy will give color commentary. 

TV: Both games will be streamed on ($). Friday's game will be on Fox Sports North+ while Saturday's game will be on FSN. 

From Mike Jaixen's post in the MavPuck Group on Facebook:
Fox Sports Midwest will be picking up the FS North feed of this weekend's UNO at St. Cloud State series. Due to NBA and NHL coverage, Friday night's game will be on FSMW+, their overflow channel. CenturyLink Prism customers can see Friday night's game on channel 1749, while Dish Network will have it on channel 650. I'm pretty sure that DirecTV will have it somewhere, but their online guide doesn't indicate where. AFAIK, Cox does not carry FSMW+.

Saturday night's 6 pm game is scheduled to be on the regular FS Midwest channel.

Another fan chimed in that if you have the DISH sports package, it's on 412-38.

Live Audio and Stats:
Live Audio: Click here.
Live Stats: Click here.

Also be sure to check out the tenth episode of the "MavPuckCast with Jason & Jon," 
recorded last Sunday after the Colorado College series:

Next up: The UNO Hockey team will be on winter break until after Christmas. The team will face Alaska Anchorage at Baxter Arena Dec. 29 & 31.

Wrapping Up the Weekend: Colorado College Series (Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018)

It was a mixed weekend for the Mavs. The team picked up an extra point in the NCHC standings with a shootout win on Friday night (the game was officially recorded as a 3-3 tie in NCAA standings), but lost 6-3 on Saturday night.

Taylor Ward picked up Rookie of the Week honors:

He was also named NCHC Rookie of the Month:

And Mason Morelli was named NCHC Player of the Month:

In addition, Morelli made the NCHC's Top 5 Plays of the Week:

You can hear what Jason & Jon thought about the series on the tenth episide of the MavPuckCast: 

Poll Results:
The Mavs finally got a vote in a poll this week, garnering a single vote in the USCHO poll:

USCHO poll for Monday, Dec. 5:

The Mavs haven't cracked the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine weekly poll at all this year:

Media Roundup:
Here's the OMavs story about Friday night's tie and shootout win:

Here's Tony Boone's Friday night Omaha World-Herald article:

Here's the Omavs story about Saturday night's loss:
And here's the Boone's Omaha World-Herald writeup of Saturday's win:

Finally, here's our MavPuck writeup of Tuesday's news conference:

UNO Hockey Press Conference Notes – Dec. 4

Looking Ahead to This Weekend:

The Mavs go on the road to St. Cloud State University this weekend. The Huskies are currently on top of the NCHC standings, so this will be a big test for the Mavs.