Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas from MavPuck!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Our gift to you is a new episode of the MavPuckCast — featuring a poem by Jon, read by Jon and Jason. (The poem is below.)

‘Twas the night before hockey, and all through Baxter rink
Not a creature was mooing, not even a Maverick;
Clear plastic stockings were hung by the lockers with care,
In hopes that a victory soon would be theirs;
The players were resting, all snug in their rooms;
Dreaming of scoring and butt-ending goons;

And Jason and I, sitting in front of his Mac,
Had just sat down to record a podcast recap,
When on social media, there arose such a twitter,
We pulled out our phones to see why fans were so bitter.
Away to the app we clicked in a dash,
Scrolled through the timeline. ready to bash,
Dozens of comments, my mind starts to fade,
So many fans are throwing out shade,

When what to my scrolling thumb did click,
But Mike Gabinet and six players with sticks,
With a power play and forecheck so fluid and quick,
I knew in a moment these were our long-lost Mavericks,
More practiced than St. Cloud, his skaters they came,
And whistled, and hollered, and called them by name:
“Now, Mason! Now Freddy! Now Evan! Now Tyler!
On Steven! On Riley! On Teemu and Tristan!”
To the top of the circle! To the offensive zone!
Now skate away! Skate away! Put the puck home!”

As passes are made before the hockey puck flies,
When they get to the blue line and toss aside guys;
So up to the net-front our forwards they flew,
With a line full of scorers and Weninger too.
And then, out on Twitter, I saw in a thread,
The Mav fans all saying “these guys are not dead,”
As I looked to the ice, and was searching for clues,
On the bench Gabs stood saying, “we’re not gonna lose.”
He was dressed in a suit, from his head to his foot,
And his pockets were all filled with kale and turnip root;
A bundle of pucks he had hung on his back,
And he looked like a salesman from the long dormant Stick Shack.

His eyes — how they sparkled! His scowl, so intense!
Removing Dean Blais now made complete and total sense.
Gabs barked out orders like a crafty old pro,
And did everything in his power to make our Mavs go,
A wink of his eye and a nod of his head,
Left fans soon to know there were good things ahead.
The refs skated in and blew on their whistles,
Gabs jumped off the bench like a laser-guided missile.
We heard him exclaim, as he walked off the ice—
“Merry Christmas, Mav fans, we’re still in this fight!”

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